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Moonrock Pre-Rolls – Caviar Collections – 1.2G, $30 for 1 roll


NEW, and only at Culture Cannabis!

Our moon rock pre-rolls come in both indica and sativa, and in an assortment of flavours.
Contact us now to find out what flavours are available in your area!
$30 per pre-roll.

The Caviar Collection’s proprietary blend of high-quality flower, oil and kief make this Moonrock Collection smooth, consistent, and slow-burning.

Every single flower contained in these pre rolls is hand-selected for potency, flavour, and essence. Once the flower has passed through a rigorous quality assessment, it is carefully coated with a thick coat of golden cannabis CO2 oil, then rolled through a crystal coating of kief.
We can promise a top-shelf experience with every pre roll. This is the real deal and worth every penny

The Caviar Collection Moonrock Pre Rolls are flavour-specific and available in 1.2 grams.
The potency of each Moonrock varies, depending on the combination, but expect between 50 to 65 percent THC.

Enjoy! 😉